Mandela Washington Fellows 2017


Track : Business and Entrepreneurship

Delia Carmen Diabangouya is Quality control manager at Choco Togo.

Track : Public Management

Kossiwa TSIPOAKA  is Water and Environment Engineer and General Manager, at African Rural Water Pro (ARWP).

Track : Civic Leadership

Nora Akouavi TOPOU is a native of Vo in Togo and has lived in Lomé since her childhood. Nora holds a Bchelor Degree in American Civilization at the University of Lomé and a Diploma in Human Resources Management at ACEP-AFRIQUE.

Track : Civic Leadership

Oboube Aime TOSSAH (JP) is a native of Afagnan in Togo and has lived in Lomé since his childhood. Aime holds a Bachelor Degree in English  Linguistics at the University of Lomé. He is the Chair of Fashion Art Business, which is an online company that sells artistical beautiful pearl jewels, necklaces, and shoes.